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PVC Heat Stabilisers | Metallic Stearates | Impact Modifiers & Process Aids
Polyolefin Additives Blends | Rubber Additives

Top of Page PVC Heat Stabilisers (ASTAB)

  Types: Solid non dusting forms, Calcium Zinc and Organic (COS)

  Applications: The major application is for pressure (both MPVC and UPVC) and non pressure pipe, conduit and foam core. Other markets include wire and cable, rigid and flexible profiles.

  Types: Liquid mixed metals, Ba/Zn, Ba/Ca/Zn, Ca/Zn,
  Applications: Liquid stabilisers are generally use in semirigid and flexible PVC applications for extrusion of hose, blown film and tubing. Also used in calendered sheet and film and shoe sole.

Top of Page Metallic Stearates

  Types: Barium, Calcium, Ferric, Lithium, Magnesium, Sodium, Zinc
Other grades of metallic soaps can be produced where viable, eg. Sodium Oleate, Calcium 12-hydroxy stearate.

Applications: Stearates are used as acid acceptors in the production of various polymers, as water proofing agents in building materials etc. Also used in colour and compound masterbatches, surface coatings such as paint and lacquers and cosmetics/pharmaceuticals. Other diverse applications include powdered metals and lubricating greases.

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Impact Modifiers and Process Aids

  Types: Metablen Range, ie. Acrylic impact modifer and process aids and MBS impact modifers. Also special heat distortion modifiers.

Applications: Used mainly for UPVC packaging film and sheet, extruded profiles such as cladding and window lineals and blow moulded bottles. Also used for pipe fittings and electrical mouldings.

Top of Page Polyolefin Additive Blends

  Types: Custom tailored and generic grades in powder or non dusting granules.

Applications: Polyethylene and Polypropylene resins and compounds.

Rubber Additives

  Types: Dispersible  and wettable Zinc Stearate.

Applications: Antitacks for compounded rubber sheet, tyre tread, extruded profiles and hose and compression mouldings.

Trade Names:

  • Astab: registered trade mark of SunAce Australia
  • Alube: registered trade mark of SunAce Australia 
  • COS: registered trade mark of SunAce Australia 
  • Metablen: registered trade mark of Mitsubishi Rayon co Ltd
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